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Over 40 years experience
providing solutions for worksite-related issues

launchers, straddle carriers, gantry cranes, special equipment

The company was founded in 1986 and thanks to its experience in the equipment sector reorganised in 2001 to form COMTEC TCS with the objective of engineering and selling metal structures and equipment for the construction sector all over the world.

Besides engineering, COMTEC TCS provides a whole series of technical and commercial services to help clients select the most suitable technical solutions, ensuring control over the development and fabrication of the products and assisting the client during the installation and testing phase at the worksite.

COMTEC TCS belongs to a group of partner companies that includes:

  • CARPENTERIA METALLICA LAFER which manufactures, assembles and tests equipment and manufactures steel structures in compliance with EN1090-1 and ISO3834.
  • BLASTING COLOR which provides sandblasting and painting treatments for surfaces.

YEARS 2023/2025


Organisation Chart
COMTEC TCS operates in the special equipment market providing machines for the lifting and movement of materials.

Specifically, the sectors served by COMTEC TCS are:

  • Road construction and worksites;
  • Industry.

COMTEC TCS guarantees a careful evaluation of the needs and requirements of clients and users who make use of machinery and structures in the aforementioned sectors. To that end, the company relies on technical staff specialised in the engineering and development of customised products.

COMTEC TCS works with qualified partners to manufacture machinery and steel structures for the creation of products that provide good quality and elevated performance.

Thanks to competent personnel, COMTEC TCS is able to guarantee assembly and testing, as well as training workers who will be charged with the use and maintenance of the machinery provided.

COMTEC TCS is also constantly present, ensuring that its clients can always rely on a partner capable of understanding and addressing new needs, making changes to the equipment in operation and supplying any spare parts needed.

The strategy adopted by COMTEC TCS is to establish and maintain long-term relationships with clients, thanks to the elevated competency and specialisation of its personnel and reliable suppliers (partners).

COMTEC TCS operates in alliance with professionals and other highly qualified companies that engage in the engineering and creation of products, parts and services for special equipment used for the lifting and movement of materials.

The company’s strategy also focuses on continuous improvement, in keeping with ISO9001, and on satisfying clients by providing adequate assistance.

COMTEC TCS attributes great importance to assisting with the installation of the equipment and of the structures at the client’s worksites or offices and ensures the presence of its own qualified personnel to supervise the assembly, testing and (when applicable) the startup of the products it provides.

Our partners

CM Lafer Carpenteria Metallica
Blasting Color Srl